At Grow & Learn, we believe that a child's day should consist of activities that stretch their imagination, encourage their thinking skills, and enhance their social development.  Our Sunny Duck's Enrichment Programs is one component of our overall program that has been designed to support our belief.  At Grow & Learn we also believe that all children attending are entitled to participate in our enrichment programs; therefore, we have factored the cost of these extra programs into our tuition and do not charge extra for them. 

Phonics Are Fun! 

Excellent reading skills are a major component in the educational process.  Grow & Learns "Phonics Are Fun" program develops a life-long love of reading in children encouraging early literacy with creative, age-appropriate activities.  Through the use of rhymes, flash cards, story time, blending, word awareness, and more, "Phonics Are Fun!" establishes a strong foundation for reading success.

 It’s Fun To Be Fit Exercise

Grow & Learn’s “It’s Fun To Be Fit” Exercise Program teaches children the importance of being physically fit.  Our program is designed to include activities and exercises that promote physical fitness. Above all else, our program is designed to ensure that children are safe and have so much fun that they won’t even realize that what they are doing is good for them.

The Heart Of Art 

Because art is such an important component during the early years of development, Grow & Learn’s “The Heart Of Art” Program encourages children to explore, experiment, and participate in the world of art.  Children are encouraged to use their own individual expressions and creativity through the use of many different types of medium. Coming from their own imagination and sense of creativity, children will create edible projects, sculptures, drawings, and much more.  Children are especially proud to display their artwork for all to view and enjoy.

 Exciting Science

Children are by nature inquisitive.  Grow & Learn’s “Exciting Science” Program fosters a love of science and encourages children to ask questions about the world around them.  “Exciting Science uses a child’s natural curiosity to teach the basic scientific concepts such as chemistry and physical science – always at an age-appropriate level. Through the use of kid-friendly, non-toxic materials, children conduct hands-on experiments which explore buoyancy, mass, particles, and the properties of matter. “Exciting Science is a fun learning experience that encourages exploration into the world of science.

KinderMusik's ABC Music & Me   

Our Kindermusik – ABC Music & Me Program, was created by Kindermusik International specifically for 2 to 4 year olds.  This program uses research-proven methods to help children develop vocal. reading, listening and early learning skills.  ABC Music & Me helps preschoolers explore the world with exciting games and interactive songs that foster self-expression and creativity.  Tapping out rhythms on sticks, shaking jingle bells, moving, dancing and singing are all part of a child's play in the ABC Music & Me world.   Musical experiences reinforce concepts such as numbers, colors, shapes, and letters while preparing a child for elementary school by establishing listening and attention skills, self confidence, and reading readiness. 

Sunny Duck’s Surprise Visitors

We believe that a child should be prepared for a variety of life’s circumstances.  Grow & Learn’s “Sunny Duck’s Surprise Visitors” Program provides a special surprise visitor to the Center monthly.  This program is designed to provide children with knowledge  to aid them in a variety of life situations.

Our mascot, Sunny Duck, invites guests from the fields of medicine, fire protection, police protection, cooking, our friends in the animal world, and many, many more to visit our classrooms and provide age-appropriate demonstrations, discussions, and question/ answer time on all of these topics. Sunny ensures that our visitors and their programs are always interesting, fun, and kid-friendly.  The goal of this program is to provide the children, in a fun and exciting way, information that could help them in a variety of situations such as how and why to dial 911, what to do in case of fire, what to do when separated from loved ones during an outing away from home, and many, many others.


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This template was custom created for Grow and Learn by ThistleGirl Designs
This template was custom created for Grow and Learn by ThistleGirl Designs